SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Another person has died from a car crash on San Jose streets: this crash has San Jose breaking a grim record of now 61 deadly traffic fatalities. 

A pedestrian was hit and killed last night in south San Jose at the intersection of Perrymont Avenue and Little Orchard near the Plant Shopping Center around 7:30 p.m.

Police said the pedestrian died at the scene and the driver cooperated with the investigation.

On Monday, KRON4 News reported last year there was a total of 60 people who died from a car crash in San Jose, and we now with three weeks left in the year, the city has surpassed that.

Police confirmed that of the 61 people who have died this year, 31 were pedestrians. 

So what are San Jose officials doing about it? Police are enforcing speeding, the No. 1 reason for crashes. 

The transportation department is spending nearly a million dollars on a marketing campaign to change driver behavior and completing quick build projects to prevent more accidents from occurring.

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A transportation official advised people to really pay attention to the speed limit, weather conditions and make sure you put your phone down while driving.

People are driving too fast, distracted and under the influence at times as well.