(KRON) — The San Jose Fire Chief is still not naming names for who was involved in an embarrassing strip club scandal. Instead, Fire Chief Robert Sapien wrote an apology to the mayor and City Council pledging to “reinforce standards of conduct.”

The scandal began in October when video surfaced on San Jose Foos’ Instagram page showing a San Jose Fire Department truck with its lights activated outside the Pink Poodle strip club. The video recorded a young woman wearing only a bikini and high-heels step out of the fire truck and walk into the club. San Jose Foos’ captioned the video, “Only in San Jose do you see a stripper come out of a firetruck.”

The city launched an investigation into what happened on the night of October 5, 2022, and to find who was operating Engine-4.

SJPD responded to zero calls for service from the Pink Poodle that night, the City Manager’s Office confirmed.

The investigation concluded in February. Earlier this month, Sapien wrote a memorandum to the City Council stating, “Based on the investigation findings, it was determined that the actions related to the video … constituted violation of specific policies and procedures and rules and regulations.”

Sapien continued, “The actions portrayed in the video were received with disappointment and concern, as they appeared seriously misaligned with the Department’s mission and values and were highly detrimental to the confidence and trust of our community and our workforce. The Department regrets that this event occurred and extends a sincere apology to all who bore the burden of this event.”

The names of the firefighters who violated SJFD’s policies will not be released publicly, Sapien wrote. A spokesperson for the City Manager told KRON4 that four employees were assigned to Engine 4 who were present on October 5, 2022. 

The chief sent disciplinary action recommendations to the City Manager, according to Sapien’s memorandum. Standards of conduct will also be reinforced department-wide, starting with senior officers, according to the Fire Chief.

Engine-4’s fire station is one of the busiest in the city for 911 calls because it’s centrally located in San Jose.