SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – More fallout from Good Samaritan Hospital’s decision to skip teachers ahead of eligible people waiting to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

A viewer contacted KRON4 after learning what happened at Good Samaritan. 

On Thursday, he told us that he is upset about the reason the hospital did not have the vaccine for his father when he needed it.

“I called the nurse and asked the nurse when he was going to get his COVID shot? They told me the same thing. They don’t give the shots there and that they don’t have any shots. I said that’s not right. So basically he never got his shot,” Don Divinny said. 

Don Divinny is describing what he says happened when his 88-year-old father requested a vaccination for COVID-19 at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose. 

He says his dad is a diabetic who at the time was hospitalized for a non-COVID-19 related surgery. 

He says his concern turned to outrage when he learned the hospital may have depleted their vaccine supply by giving it to people who cut in line.

“I heard on the news what was going on with Good Sam. How they were giving the vaccine to Los Gatos teachers. That sent me off the deep end,” Divinny said.

“The man is 88-years-old. He has paid his dues. He deserves the shot. He is on the list to be the next one to get it. I grant it school teachers need them but at this particular point in time my dad needs it worse,”  Divinny continued. 

The law prohibits Good Samaritan to speak about anything concerning their patients. 

The hospital sent KRON4 a statement that reads:

“As always, our patient information is private and confidential so we cannot comment on any patient’s protected information.

Our goal throughout this process has been to protect our caregivers and other high-risk individuals by administering available vaccines in accordance with state and county tier prioritization.

While vaccine storage limitations and fluctuating availability have been a challenge, we want to reassure our community we have had only positive intentions throughout the vaccination process. We regret the mistake we made.

As we conduct an extensive internal review, here are the steps we have taken to help restore public trust about our vaccine administration process:

– We have canceled appointments for any and all non-Tier 1a community members.

– We will submit our revised plan to the county by the end of the week that includes stronger checks and balances to offer reassurances that we are adhering to state and county guidelines regarding our vaccine administration program.

In the meantime, we continue to offer and vaccinate our colleagues with first and second doses from our existing supply and to administer second doses to our inpatients as prescribed by their attending physician.”

—Antonio Castelan, HCA Healthcare FAR WEST DIVISION Communications Manager

“I really don’t care where the shot comes from. I need him to get it,” Divinny said.