SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Who could possibly be stealing election signs in San Jose? 

That’s the big question being asked amongst politicians in the South Bay. New video shows someone ripping an election sign down just days before voters cast their ballots.

The video, which you can see in the video player above, showed a man taking San Jose mayoral candidate Matt Mahan’s election sign right outside his headquarters.

“The intimidation that comes into play, when someone is tearing down someone’s law sign, is just unacceptable. No place for that in our democracy,” Mahan said.

It’s not just him. Two other candidates – Rolando Bonilla and Van Le  – say hundreds of their election signs have been torn down too. Both are running for San Jose City Council seats. Le said roughly 200 of her campaign signs have been torn down

“I believe it’s another candidate who did it to my candidate because maybe I have a strong campaign,” she said.

“You can tell this is not an accident when the metal that holds the sign up is all warped and distorted,” Bonilla said.

All of the candidates feel that whoever is behind the sign-stealing is resorting to dirty politics. It’s also confusing voters. Some people have even asked Le if she withdrew from the city council race.

All of the candidates said that whoever is stealing their signs will not deter their campaign.