SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – College students in San Jose graduating this May are in luck. A new report shows it is the nation’s strongest region for hiring recent college graduates.

Most of those jobs are in tech, and next week Vice President Kamala Harris will be making a stop at a tech company in the South Bay touting the administration’s achievements.

The new report from Gusto says hiring in May 2023 is forecasted to grow by 5.4% for college grads in San Jose.

“I have many students who settled here and found jobs here, only a small percentage trying to find jobs in Texas or other states because it’s cheaper for them to move,” said Ahmed Banada, a San Jose State University professor. 

Professor Banafa says most of his students graduate with a computer engineering background, and San Jose is simply the perfect place to recruit them.

“Eighty percent of venture capitalist money and technology is in Silicon Valley,” he said. 

The White House is looking to make other tech hubs across the country. Next week, Vice President Harris will be visiting Applied Materials in the South Bay, applauding the company’s decision to build a next-generation research and development center in Sunnyvale.

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The Biden administration is pushing for more chip manufacturing in the U.S. after COVID caused supply chain shortages. Professor Banafa says the White House is investing roughly $10 billion into 20 different depressed cities across the U.S. to develop other tech hubs.

“What they’re trying to do is bring technology to the strength of those areas,” Banafa said. “For example, if you are in an agriculture area, be in tech agriculture. If you are in a manufacturing area, you’ll have tech included, this is trying to inject tech factor in those areas.”

Professor Banafa likes what the administration is doing, but he says no place can replicate Silicon Valley, which is why so many college grads in tech are in demand and being hired.