SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Nearly two weeks after the mass shooting at a VTA rail yard, San Jose city leaders are now proposing new rules to curb gun violence.

Mayor Sam Liccardo was joined by gun safety advocates at Tuesday’s announcement.

Putting gun control steps into action — That’s the goal of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and gun safety advocates who want to curb recent violence in the city.

“Cities cannot wait for Congress and certainly not the courts to protect the residents from gun violence. Our families feel the toll of firearms every day in their neighborhoods and we need to take action,” Mayor Liccardo said.

The mayor is proposing controversial efforts, such as requiring gun owners to ensure their guns and to pay a fee to cover costs associated with gun violence.

Gun owners who do not pay the fee could have their weapons seized.

A second proposal would require gun stores to video record their sales. 

The idea is to help prevent someone from illegally buying a gun on behalf of another person. 

“We can end gun violence and these proposals are exactly the type of protective steps necessary to prevent harm and trauma in our community,” Yvonne Murray, with Moms Demand Action, said.

In the two weeks since the VTA rail yard killings, San Jose has seen several more shootings, including four homicides.

The mayor has acknowledged these plans will not solve all of the problems involving guns and mass shootings but it will significantly reduce gun violence. 

“These gun deaths are preventable and we can save lives and make our communities safer but we need to recognize gun violence for what it is a public health crisis,” Mayor Liccardo said.

These proposals are expected to be met with pushback from gun rights advocates. The ideas head next to San Jose City Council.