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San Jose massage parlors shutdown for prostitution, possible human trafficking

SAN JOSE (KRON) - More than half of the massage parlors in San Jose have been shut down.

This is after a major prostitution crackdown.

Now more than 100 businesses are closed, and officials say there could be more to come.

San Jose Police Department raided one business on Long Beach Salon on Stevens Creek Boulevard.

Inside there is nothing left of the business.

Police say this was just one of 107 massage parlors shuttered since the beginning of the year as the department cracked down on illegal operations in city limits.

Most of the businesses closed had prostitution going on and possibly human trafficking. 

Lieutenant Paul Messier with the San Jose Police Department explains the rains, the takedowns and this crackdown is far from over.

“In January of this year, we identified 191 suspected illicit massage businesses in the City of San Jose," Messier said. "We were able to shut down about 107 within a nine-month period.”

The Lieutenant says they are currently examining 45 other similar places and there could be more shutdowns in the coming days and weeks. 



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