SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — At a news conference Friday, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo announced a three-point plan to deal with an ever-increasing rise in violence. The proposal begins with stopping what Mayor Liccardo calls the revolving door at the county jail for serious and violent felons.

“That involves advocacy around bail schedules and making sure the San Jose Police Department is doing all they can to present strong affidavits when we have serious or violent felons who are facing arraignment,” Liccardo said.

Mayor Liccardo says roughly half the detainees released pre-trial are either failing to arrive for their court date or committing another crime.

San Jose Police Department looked at data over a one-month period and identified 30 arrestees who had been arrested a minimum of 10 times over that period of 14 months.

The proposal also calls for expanding drug treatment for addicted arrestees.

Methamphetamine is driving an enormous amount of harm in our communities and most disconcertingly violence, because it is a stimulant that has both acute and long-term effects.

Liccardo says he’s working with the county to apply for state money to create housing facilities with onsite drug treatment.

“We want to ensure there are more options for judges and we want to address the addiction challenges of these arrestees because we know it’s bad for them and for their community if they remain addicted,” Liccardo said.

The third part of the proposal calls for getting more cameras out to small businesses to reduce the number of thefts and burglaries. In the weeks ahead, the proposal goes before the San Jose City Council for discussion and possible action.o