SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – It’s the final push for San Jose mayoral candidates Cindy Chavez and Matt Mahan. The two are locked in a tight race to be the South Bay city’s first new mayor in nearly a decade.

We are now just four days away from Election Day and the candidates are making their final pitch on why one of them is a better choice to lead the third-largest city in California.

They differ on what issue they think should come first in addressing the concerns of San Jose voters. Chavez said the city’s number one issue is public safety, while Mahan chose homelessness. Chavez would first like to hire more police officers and beef up emergency services.

“We have a lot of people who are concerned that when they dial 911, they will get a response and if they do get a response, it will be much slower,” she said.

Mahan says he has a plan for the unhoused.

“It’s inhumane for those who are living out on our street, but it also contributes to blight, crime, and brings down quality of life for our city,” he said.

Mahan says his plan is cost-effective by using prefabricated homes to provide safe housing while getting people back on their feet.

“Supportive services, job training, job placement and helping people overcome addiction,” he outlined.

Chavez would like to address affordable housing by straightening out the building permit process. 

“We’re going to restructure the general plan, so it makes it possible for people who want to build a house community,” she said.

Both candidates agree San Jose needs to be cleaned up, but disagree on how.  How we tackle the issues is where the divide is.

This race also has been a very costly one. Both Chavez and Mahan have already spent more than $8.5 million on their campaigns.