SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — It’s a big day for kids in San Jose!

The city’s parks and recreation department is reopening 290 playgrounds and 36 exercise areas in several phases starting Friday.

However, playground equipment will not be sanitized by the city so visitors should bring their own alcohol wipes or sprays to clean equipment before use.

There will be signage posted with guidelines to follow, and parents or caretakers will have to make sure they are followed. This includes washing and sanitizing hands before and after using playground equipment.

Other rules include only using open facilities with people in your own household — social gatherings are still prohibited.

And it’s not just the swing sets and slides that will be opened up — BBQ and picnic areas will begin reopening in the coming weeks for individual households to use. The city is also reinstalling hoops and nets — but still encouraging people to keep a distance while playing.

It’ll be up to park goers to follow the rules – that way the parks can stay open.

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