SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — The name and face of the man, who was killed Wednesday night during an officer-involved shooting in San Jose, has been released.

“Dramatic incident for everyone involved,” said San Jose Police Department Chief Anthony Mata. “For the surviving family of Mr. Carter, for the involved officers who have families to get home to, and for our community.”

Police say Robert Seth Carter was shot and killed after he stole a vehicle and attempted to steal another by holding the driver of that car up at gunpoint.

We got a glimpse Friday of what that attempted carjacking looked like.

This is how the victim got away and what led to the fatal shooting.

San Jose police say this was the scary moment that Robert Seth Carter tried to steal a person’s car in Santa Clara.

“Pointed a gun at them,” Mata said. “The driver exited the car and ran away as Carter entered the new vehicle.”

According to Mata, Carter was unable to steal the car and continued in the vehicle he was already driving: a stolen Toyota Camry.

Carter drove the Camry to San Jose where he eventually crashed the car and fled on foot.

A shootout occurred when several officers were able to catch up with the suspect.

“Four officers in total fired their weapons. Carter continued to hold the handgun and was struck more than once by the officers’ rounds,” Mata said.

Carter was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

According to Mata, a 9-millimeter ghost gun that Carter used during the shooting.

That gun is one of many illegal firearms that the San Jose Police Department work each year to remove from the streets.

“Carter is prohibited from processing any firearm due to prior felony convictions,” Mata said. “Carter is a San Jose resident, currently had five felony warrants for his arrest and is on probation for battery.”

The shootout between Carter and police occurred in the area of Hedding Street and Park Ave.

San Jose Councilmember Dev Davis spoke with several residents who live in that area.

All saying the same thing.

“Any loss of life is tragic and we’re glad that there wasn’t more injury or harm that happened through this incident,” Davis said.  

Mata says the four San Jose police officers involved in the shooting were not injured and have all been placed on administrative leave.