SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Two San Jose men went on separate robbery crime sprees before they were ultimately nabbed by detectives, according to the San Jose Police Department.

Police said Brian Valverde, 22, carried out at least five armed robberies in December and January.

SJPD spokeswoman Stacie Shih said, “After a thorough investigation, including the use of automated license plate reader cameras, suspect Valverde was subsequently identified as the responsible party for a string of robberies that spanned from the City of San Jose to the City of Santa Clara.”

Five robberies connected to Valverde:

  • December 27: A victim called police and said a robber intentionally rear-ended her vehicle, stole her property, and threatened to shoot her if she followed him. Detectives from the Robbery Unit were assigned to the case and later determined Valverde was the prime suspect.
  • January 5: A strong-armed purse snatch robbery occurred in the parking lot of Bay 101 Casino in San Jose.
  • January 22: An armed robbery with a firearm occurred in the 3000 block of Stevens Creek Boulevard in Santa Clara.
  • January 23: An assault with a deadly weapon occurred at Matrix Casino in San Jose. The victim was walking toward the casino when Valverde approached her with a knife.
  • January 28: A robbery occurred in the area of Monterey Road and Senter Road in San Jose. Valverde intentionally rear-ended the victim’s vehicle and then stole the victim’s property, Shih said.

Valverde was apprehended in San Jose on January 30 and Robbery Unit detectives found evidence of narcotics sales in his home.

Valverde is behind bars in a Santa Clara County jail with no bail, according to inmate records. His next court appearance is scheduled for February 22.

Brian Valverde is seen in a mugshot released by SJPD.

The SJPD also arrested a second suspected serial robber: Diego Mendoza-Ramirez, 20, of San Jose. He’s the prime suspect behind four robberies and attempted robberies in January.

The victims were bank customers who used ATM machines.

“The suspect used a semi-automatic pistol, often pistol whipping his victims, to demand money from them while they were using automated teller machines. The suspect used at least two stolen vehicles as get-away cars during the commission of his crimes,” Officer Steve Aponte said.

SJPD Robbery Unit detectives recognized a pattern in the string of robberies and began a comprehensive investigation.  

On February 2, SJPD’s Covert Response Unit arrested Mendoza-Ramirez while he was driving a stolen vehicle in San Jose. At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of property that linked him to the robberies, Aponte said. A search of Mendoza-Ramirez’s home revealed items of evidentiary value to the case, in addition to evidence of narcotic sales.

Diego Mendoza-Ramirez’s mugshot was released by the SJPD.

He was booked at Santa Clara County Main Jail with 12 felony charges and no bail. His next court appearance is slated for March 3.