SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Russia eased their offensive in the Eastern part of Ukraine on Thursday.

Russia’s Defense Military says that their soldiers are being given time to rest while President Vladimir Putin warned that his forces “haven’t even started anything in earnest.” Soldiers may be taking a break from fighting, but shelling’s continued.

Ukrainian officials confirmed that nine civilians were killed Thursday in the Eastern part of Ukraine. However, there is a donation coming from the South Bay that will help fire fighters responding to the disaster zones.

The city of San Jose has packed up more than 1,800 pieces of equipment to provide fire fighters in Ukraine with breathable air and protect them against toxic life-threatening smoke. 133 days of war in Ukraine have left many parts of the country looking like this — buildings half standing and the death toll rising.

It’s why San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo stood next to life-saving equipment Thursday that will be sent to the country.

“Support those many families, everyday who are under assault from the Russian military and nowhere is lifesaving needed more right now than in Ukraine,” Liccardo said.

The self-contained breathing apparatuses, air packs, and mask-mounted regulators will help firefighters in Ukraine who respond to hundreds of disasters and fires every day.

“That will help protect the health of the Ukrainian firefighters that are working so hard to save lives and protect their community every day,” San Jose Fire Department Assistant Chief James Williams said.

San Jose’s donation will be distributed by the relief organization “Nova Ukraine,” which was founded by Nick Bilogorskiy who grew up in Eastern Ukraine. It’s an area that has come under heavy shelling while Russian forces advance on the ground.

“My family is still in Ukraine, and I’m in touch with them every day,” Bilogorskiy said. “From all the looks of it, Ukraine is in this war for a long time.”

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Since Russia invaded in February, Nova Ukraine has donated more than $22 million in aid to Ukraine. A majority of that spending has been dedicated to life-saving medical aid, with their most recent aid coming from the South Bay.

“We’re standing with our Ukrainians and will continue helping save lives and provide every help we can to Ukrainians in Ukraine,” Bilogorskiy said.

Relief has also come in the form of military equipment. So far, the Biden Administration has transferred more than 7,000 types of small arms, 50 million rounds of ammunition, and more than 1 million grenades and artillery rounds to Ukraine.