SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A person accused of defacing the “Victory Salute” statue at San Jose State University was arrested for vandalism.

The incident happened on Saturday. Campus police officers quickly apprehended a suspect who is not affiliated with the university, said Charlie Faas, SJSU vice president for administration and finance.

Faas wrote, “The ‘Victory Salute’ statue is a significant, defining space on our campus. The depiction of the heroic and symbolic action of San José State University alumni, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, was a watershed moment for African Americans and the cause of racial justice and has helped SJSU become known as a campus that values and pursues social justice. The 55th anniversary of the 1968 Olympics where Smith and Carlos made their statement will take place later this year and still strongly resonates.”

SJSU police said the vandal was charged with urinating in public, resisting arrest, and had two outstanding warrants.

University officials said any attempts to damage, deface, or vandalize university property will not be tolerated and vandals will face maximum consequences. 

“We appreciate the quick action of UPD and of our FD&O staff who were able to restore the statue to the campus beacon that it is,” Faas wrote.