SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A South Bay student is recovering from a stabbing that happened outside Gunderson High School.

Students were surprised to hear what happened while they were in the classroom.
A spokesperson for the San Jose School District says multiple students got into a fight this morning.

One male student was stabbed. He has non-life threatening injuries.

The spokesperson says a campus officer quickly stepped in and apprehended the student who stabbed the teen.

“It’s disappointing in a way for someone to act like that in a school,” a student said.

There is no information on what sparked the fight.

The stabbing comes just a week after a shooting was reported near Yerba Buena High School. This sent the school into lockdown.

However, Gunderson was not placed on lockdown. Classes went on while students were processing what just happened.

“I don’t think anything in high school is worth doing that over,” another student responded.