SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Technology is being tested to help fight crime in a neighborhood that is being victimized by gun violence in San Jose.

The “gunshot detection technology” is designed to provide real time notification to police when gunfire is detected. 

The Cadillac-Winchester neighborhood near the San Jose Campbell border has historically been impacted by gun violence. 

Residents regularly report gunfire, but now police have a new tool to help trace the source of that gunfire. 

A 6-month pilot program is underway to test V-5 systems’ on-sound gunshot detection system. 

Strategically placed in undisclosed locations around the neighborhood, the system is equipped with, not just microphones, but also a video camera and an automated license plate reader. 

Relaying the information in real time could mean faster response from both police and medical aid if needed.

“It can detect a gunshot. If the perpetrator moved to a public domain, we can capture their

In meetings with District One councilman Jones and police, residents were assured the devices would be pointed away from homes and apartments to guard privacy. 

Audio-only gunshot detection tecnology is already in use in Oakland, East Palo Alto and other bay area cities. 

Alarmed by the dozens of repeorts about shots fired and other gun-related crimes, most resdents here welcome the extra surveillance says.

“I’m happy because if something happens, you can see it in the cameras. It’s safety for my community,” said Cadillac-Winchester neighborhood Association President Maria Ortega.