The City of San Jose has announced a unique program to deal with the growing, unsightly problem of litter and trash in the streets.

The city is going to put homeless people to work picking it up.

San Jose has identified some 40 trash hot spots in the city. They will soon be cleaned up by homeless people.

25 homeless people will be hired by the city to pick up litter as part of the Beautify San Jose program. The partnership between the city, Downtown Streets Team, and Goodwill were announced Thursday by Mayor Sam Liccardo.

Much, but not all of the trash and junk on city streets and along creeks, is generated by homeless camps. The idea is to offer the homeless an opportunity to be part of the solution.

It may also be a way for homeless people to transition to a path off the streets and into self-sufficiency, says Goodwill’s Trish Dorsey.

The job pays $15 dollars per hour. Those hired will work 4-5 hours every day.

The program kicks off next month.