SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Newly obtained documents show details about Sam Cassidy — the man who murdered nine of his VTA coworkers back in May.

In the redacted report — dark, disturbing information Cassidy provided to custom agents at San Francisco International Airport after returning home from a trip to the Philippines.

That information, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney, was never shared with the VTA or local law enforcement.

The report is from five years ago, after Cassidy returned home from a two week solo trip to the Philippines.

He was questioned at SFO, nothing agents found was ever passed on to the VTA or to the police.

“I’m concerned about the information that was not shared with local law enforcement at the time,” Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said.

It’s a report the Santa Clara County DA requested five weeks ago and received just last Friday.

The document was obtained by the Mercury News, who filed a freedom of information act request from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In the report, details about a solo trip Sam Cassidy — the man who gunned down nine of his VTA coworkers — took five years ago to the Philippines.

The report says that during the baggage exam, some books about terrorism and fear and manifestos were found, and also a black memo book filled with lots of notes and how he hates the VTA.

Custom agents asked Cassidy if he had problems at work with anyone and he said no, and that he only had these books because he was curious.

There were also tips about going through TSA and notes on his “dark thoughts about harming and vandalizing” two specific people.

The names are redacted in the report so it’s unclear if they are two of the nine shooting victims.

“It’s actually quite chilling really that this information was found and this is what Mr. Cassidy ultimately did,” Rosen said. “The responsibility of this horrible mass shooting is Mr. Cassidy’s, but as a DA, I am determined to do everything I can to make sure there’s not another mass shooting like this and that means information sharing between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement.”

The border agents seemed to focus more on why Cassidy traveled to the Philippines than the actual notes they found about the VTA.

They did note that his writing was “very strange.”

During the baggage exam, they found condoms, lubricants, and a how to guide on how and where to find prostitutes and hotels that were sex friendly.

He had a list of priorities for his trip written in his memo book, one of those priorities — was to die there.

“Are there other Samuel Cassidys out there that you haven’t shared with local law enforcement? If there are please share that with us immediately so we can take appropriate actions appropriate interventions to make sure there is not another mass shooting,” Rosen said.

The DA plans to meet with federal and local law enforcement in the new few weeks to talk about how information like this will be shared in the future.