SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KRON) — Due to supply chain and labor shortage issues, the San Leandro Family Aquatic Center will remain closed until the summer of 2024. Repairs to the deteriorating facility worsened during the pandemic, and it is now deemed unsafe.

The center has been shut down to the public since early last summer after the city determined the facility was no longer safe. Mayor Juan Gonzalez says that still remains the case.

“When facilities go unused and their deterioration is happening, sometimes you get a little bit surprised,” Gonzalez said.

What has thrown the city for a loop, Gonzalez says, is the nationwide supply-chain shortages and the struggle to find a pool resurfacing contractor. But that may not mean much to the families who rely on the aquatic center to stay cool in the summer.

“I know this pool is used by people from throughout San Leandro, and so people throughout San Leandro, not just these neighbors. will be sad, frustrated that this pool is closed,” Gonzalez said.

“It’s saddening, but it’s also beneficial,” said resident Jane Gladney. “So, I mean, if anything it’ll make us come maybe more often than we were planning on.”

In order to reopen, the concrete deck, pool surface, play structures, splash pad and slide stairs require repairs. Over the years, the city has helped renovate the two oldest pools in the city:
The Farrelly Pool and the Boys and Girls Club of San Leandro.

The aquatic center was third on the list.

In order to accommodate the expected higher demand at the Farrelly and Boys and Girls Club pools, the city says both facilities will offer extended hours and more staff.

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“I understand that safety’s [alright], cause if you swim over here, that’s still — then, kids can get hurt, and then it could be banned forever, you know,” said 12-year-old Edison Gladney.

“The vision is to have things ready by the beginning of summer 2024. I think the reality that we face is whether will we have the supplies. Will we have the contractors?” said Mayor Gonzalez.

The mayor says the city is moving forward as if they will.