San Marin homecoming game played Saturday afternoon following debate over lights

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NOVATO (KRON) — People at today’s game said it was noticeably less energetic because of a fight over the field lights. 

The homecoming game was supposed to happen last night, but people against the bright lights went to court and the judge ordered them off. 

For now, the sun is the only light that will be shining down on San Marin High School’s football field.

The homecoming game played Saturday afternoon because of a battle off of the field. 

“It’s just unfortunate,” Todd Scheinder said. “You’ve got one or two people that are short-minded and taking something that can be so positive and really drawing out a lot of negative.”

San Marin parent Todd Scheinder’s thoughts were echoed by signs around the field.

The school’s booster club is also selling shirts calling for the lights to be turned back on.

Some neighbors and a coalition against the lights have argued the evening activity will create noise and alter the character of their area. 

“This day and age, it’s better to have a conversation about it,” a neighbor said. “Try to be civil. Hear all the points of concern, but to discuss it.”

A Marin County judge has issued a temporary restraining order to keep the lights off at the school while an environmental impact study — required by law– is under review. 

This followed a Saturday night game where the Novato School District allowed the lights to be turned on for the first time, but that move irritated the judge and the lights will be off for at least the next month.

“This game should’ve been played at night. We have two games left in the season and we wanted to make a pretty good appearance for homecoming against these seniors and it didn’t happen.”

A group known as the Coalition to Save San Marin turned down an on-camera interview, but did call for unity in a statement saying, “We are committed to being apart of a community solution where everyone’s rights are respected.”  

San Marin parents said they just want to use the lights to improve the experience for their kids. 

“Hopefully we can keep the pressure on so that whatever needs to happen you know for all parties to get this approved. We’re not doing this at the start of next season where we still have these beautiful lights and everybody is excited about it and we can’t use them again.”

The earliest this issue will be resolved is next month with a court date set for Nov. 14.

But the football season will already be over. 

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