The June election is just a month away, and some dramatic changes are ahead for registered voters in San Mateo County. 

Going forward, they will be receiving their ballots in the mail, which they can then send back by mail.

Those ballots will begin arriving next week.

With Election Day just a month away, there’s a flurry of activity going on at San Mateo County’s election headquarters.

What sets June’s election apart from those in the past is beginning next week, every registered voter in San Mateo County will be receiving their ballot in the mail, which they can then fill out at home and mail in or drop off.

Some voters think that’s a great idea.

“It gives everyone time to think about their choice and make sure on the day they need to vote, and no one has to take time out of their busy day to do it, so it’s fantastic,” one voter said.

San Mateo County tried this mail-in concept for a local election back in 2015.

Now, it’s one of five counties in the state to take advantage of the California Voter’s Choice Act, which clears the way for this shift to mailing in ballots

“I don’t feel comfortable or safe about it,” another voter said. I’d still rather drop it off and do it manually and make sure I see where it goes.”

For voters who are not excited about the new mail-in system, there are other options.

While San Mateo County’s more than 200 neighborhood polling places will no longer exist, there will be 39 vote centers throughout the county, some opening as early as next week, where voters will be able to cast their ballots in person.  

Elections officials think this combination of early voting and mail-in ballots will make a huge difference.

“The fact that it will make voting easy and convenient and will provide for increased voting opportunities, expand early voting, and we believe the ultimate will be increased voter participation,” San Mateo County Chief Elections Officer Mark Church said.