(KRON) — A drought has caused San Mateo County’s agriculture industry to decrease by nearly 6 percent, according to a new report

The county’s agriculture production in 2022 was $92.2 million versus the nearly $98 million produced in 2021. Despite the increase in field crops, it could not cover the decreases in other categories, the county noted. 

“Drought remained a factor for growers and ranchers in 2022,” said County Agricultural Commissioner Koren Widdel. “With water in short supply, some operators switched to commodities they could dry farm, such as field crops with a 9.32 percent increase in gross value.”

Floral and nursery crops took up most of the county’s agriculture production. In 2021, it produced over $60 million. Last year, it fell below 9 percent at just over $55 million, according to SMC.

January 2022 was the sixth driest January since 1895, with the county receiving just over half an inch of rain. In comparison, in January of this year, it was one of the wettest Januarys on record, with the county receiving over 11 inches of rain. 

According to San Mateo County, an increase in poultry sales caused their livestock to be valued at around $6.4 million.