San Mateo neighborhood banding together to rescue cat stuck in tree

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SAN MATEO (KRON) — Talk about an ‘im-purrr-fect’ scenario. 

A cat has been stuck in a tree in San Mateo for days.

Animal control, a tree company and the fire department have all attempted to help the cat, but he’s still about 50 feet in the air.

“I think it’s really scared and hungry,” said San Mateo neighbor Gina Venturelli.

Maybe it was a bird or a squirrel that made this San Mateo neighborhood cat climb a 60 foot tree.

Nobody knows.

But whatever it was, it was probably not worth it as the cat has now been up swaying on a branch for four days — likely thinking about its mistake.

Stuck in the tree with the wind blowing day after day, which is heartbreaking to see, another neighbor said. 

“Heartbreaking! I just want the cat down. I’m getting really worried,” said neighbor Kim Sterelli.

Imperfect as it may be, this cat has brought the neighbors closer than ever before.

People are posting pictures on nextdoor, even pitching in to hire a tree company to help.

“Everyone has come together and is doing their best to be supportive but not a whole lot we can do,” Venturelli said.

Peninsula Tree Company, Peninsula Humane Society, SPCA, Animal Control and PG&E came to help.

The San Mateo Fire Department was able to climb up a ladder and get close to the tree, spraying the cat with a hose which helped it move about 20 feet down, but close to power lines.

Officials say the feline is feeling fine and will come down when it’s hungry.

They left food out by the tree and say to give the cat space and when it’s comfortable, it’ll climb down.

But after four days,  neighbors fear it’ll starve.

“We just want to see a resolution but we want the best outcome of course,” said neighbor Laura Duato. “We want this to be a positive blessed outcome which that’s what we are still hoping for.”

Officials hope now that it’s dark and the cat has moved closer to the ground that it’ll climb down.

Neighbors are just waiting to see that happen and to watch it get a well-deserved meal.

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