SAN MATEO, Calif. (KRON) — The San Mateo Police Department is investigating a series of attempted home burglaries, according to a Facebook post. On Friday, the would-be burglar(s) tried to break into four residences and cars on the 400 block of Sylvan Avenue.

Video surveillance (below) shows one suspect attempting to burglarize a home. The individual was wearing a lighter-colored hoodie and a face covering.

In one of the attempted burglaries, one resident woke up to the sound of his fence gate opening and closing, police said. The resident then checked his open fence but did not find the suspect.

Police said the suspect went to a second residence next door but backtracked at the back door when a resident turned on his light to check his fence. Once the first resident turned off his light, the suspect attempted to enter the second residence.

“We’re asking people to check their video surveillance cameras,” said San Mateo police officer Alison Gilmore. “A lot of times people are recording, and if they don’t necessarily get something that alerts them to it, they won’t check their video. Just check your video.”

No other information was provided about the suspect. The 400 block of Sylvan Avenue is approximately three blocks west of the Hillsdale Shopping Center.

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Police say anyone with surveillance or information is encouraged to call the San Mateo Police Department at (650) 522-7700. Anonymous tips can be submitted to or by calling (650) 522-7676.