SAN MATEO, Calif. (KRON) – The city of San Mateo is the latest Bay Area city to announce an investigation into an incident from a popular TikTok challenge shooting Orbeeze, paintballs, or BB’s.

On Friday, police say “a 13-year-old and his friends thought it would be cool to try this out and shot an innocent person then fled the area when police arrived.”

Officers began chasing the group, not knowing what kind what type of weapon they had. Police found the group and was quickly able to determine that the gun was not real, but authorities say things could have been worse if it was believed to be a real gun.

Authorities are advising parents to talk to their teens if they have any projectile ‘weapon.’

“The danger is real, regardless of the intention to prank people. Let’s make sure our kids stay safe and no one is injured due to their lack of common sense,” police wrote.