SAN PABLO, Calif. (KRON) – A San Pablo police officer was recognized this week for saving a baby.

Officer Brandon Oswald is a member of the U.S. Army Reserve and a six-year veteran with the San Pablo Police Department. He’s also a new dad, and that’s why he says this call hit closer to home.

A frantic 911 call from Sept. 9 said a one-week-old baby girl is choking on breast milk. The family was at the West County Health Center to get help, but the facility was closed for the weekend. 

Oswald happened to be around the corner and arrived within seconds.

“I just happened to be at the right place, right time to get there as quick as I did,” he said. 

Police bodycam video shows a sergeant running up to Oswald as he’s performing infant CPR. Oswald says his training kicked in right away.

It was a relief for all when the baby started crying. 

“Instant relief because if the baby is crying, then the baby is breathing. So you know that was fantastic,” he said. 

The baby was taken to the hospital out of precaution and is now doing well. Officer Oswald became a new father just five months ago, so he says it was easier to put himself in the shoes of the infant’s parents. 

“It was the first call since becoming a new father involving a child,” he said. “So it hit a lot closer to home. But my goal was just get there as fast as possible to help the baby in any way I could.”

Oswald was honored with a life-saving medal on Monday. He accepted humbly, saying he was just doing his job.

“Anyone in law enforcement, first responder, paramedic would do the same thing I would hope… do the same thing in my situation. It’s good to know that baby is going to live a fruitful life now,” he said. 

Oswald recommends everyone attend a first aid class to learn CPR because you never know when you may need to save someone’s life.