(KRON) — A Bay Area mother and son led police on a high-speed chase from American Canyon, to Vallejo, to Richmond, according to investigators.

Eddy Perez, 41, of San Pablo, and his 66-year-old mom, Janet Perez, were booked into a Napa County jail following the chase, the American Canyon Police Department stated.

The incident began at 4:30 p.m. Sunday when ACPD officers pulled over a black Chevy Impala with no license plates on Highway 29 near Poco Way.

“The driver refused to identify himself or provide a driver’s license to officers during the stop, claiming he was a sovereign citizen, and that he did not have to comply with officer’s directions, or laws of the government,” ACPD wrote.

Officers then ordered the driver, Eddy Perez, and his mother to step out of the car.

“Both refused. While officers were attempting to remove the driver from the vehicle, he decided to put the key in the ignition and flee from the traffic stop at a high rate of speed,” ACPD wrote.

As police chased the Chevy into Vallejo, a California Highway Patrol helicopter tracked the fleeing vehicle from above.

The pursuit ended in Richmond and the duo was apprehended. Officers said they searched the Chevy and found an illegal electronic license plate-concealing device installed on the car.

The mother and son were arrested on multitude of felony and misdemeanor charges. Eddy Perez was also arrested for felony warrants from Kern County and Solano County.