SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Over the last five years the Gun Violence Team has continued to grow as officials try to add to it every time there’s a mass shooting here.

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved a budget close to $1 million allocating all funds to its gun violence team based out of the District Attorney’s office in San Jose. This approval means that this team will be expanding from five to 23 members with county officials hoping it can save lives and take guns from those who pose a threat to the public.

The new positions will consist of 11 investigators, analysts and attorneys–6 of which will be funded by state and federal grants. The team will work hand and hand with law enforcement agencies on every level including the Department of Homeleand Security, the San Jose Police Department, the Sheriff’s office and others.

The sole purpose is to remove illegal guns off the streets and crack down on networks illegally trafficking them.

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This expansion allows a quicker response to reports of gun threats while taking guns from those not legally allowed to have them such as domestic violence perpetrators, people convicted of felonies and others that may illegally have them.

Officials say more than 200 ghost guns were sent to the county’s crime lab last year. They’re hoping that the expansion will increase this number and decrease the number of suicides.