SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – The brief break in the wet weather on Thursday is also providing a great chance for people to prepare for the next storm. KRON4 spoke with Santa Clara County officials about signing up for “Alert SCC” to get up-to-date information on emergency situations.

“Like a vaccine, this is a tool that works better when more people have access to it,” explained Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Susan Ellenberg.

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The county kicked off a big push to get people signed up. Alert SCC comes in multiple languages and provides critical safety information on power outages, road closures and mudslides.

“It is super super easy to sign up. It takes less than three minutes,” said Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez.

The alerts work to inform in any disaster, from floods, to fires, to earthquakes.

“Emergencies are unpredictable, but the one thing we know, they will, are and continue to occur and, in an emergency, timely accurate information is absolutely critical,” said Santa Clara County Chief Operating Officer Greta Hansen.

People can sign up in the app store or online and then decide if they want a text, email or landline from Alert SCC.