SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — In the South Bay, Santa Clara County has more cases than any other Bay Area county.

Law enforcement has received hundreds of complaints about people not following orders for social distancing.

San Jose police say they’ve responded to at least 766 locations and issued 2 citations to businesses for not complying with stay at home orders.

It was a warning San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia gave early on.

If non essential businesses operate during shelter in place orders, they face a misdemeanor citation.

Santa Clara County is the epicenter of COVID-19 in the Bay Area.

County officials graded the community a B+ on physical distancing.

Last weekend we saw improvement, empty streets and parks — a sign of people following orders.

But as of April 2, San Jose police responded to hundreds of locations throughout the city and issued two citations.

San Jose police created a team designated to address businesses and individuals not complying with the county’s order.

Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies have been responding to calls with concerns of people not physically distancing.

“Understand that it’s difficult for everyone, there’s a lot of changes going on everything is very fluid day to day,” Sgt. Michael Low said.

The county sheriff’s office is expecting the community to comply with public health guidelines.

“If we do get calls of someone complaining about people that are not complying with this order, we want to first show up and educate them,” Low said. “Possibly issue a warning, we really don’t want to have to cite anyone if we don’t need to.”

Santa Clara DA has a tip line and email where people can report non essential businesses operating in violation of the shelter in place orders.

On March 18, 2020, the Department created Health Order Compliance Cars to address businesses and individuals not complying with the county order.

Officers supply a copy of the County’s Health Order along with a packet of frequently asked questions about the order.

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