SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – The day is finally here.

Santa Clara County was the last county in the Bay Area to enforce masks when you were indoors.

But as of midnight, that has been lifted: so you can go to places like gyms and not be forced to mask up.

At the 24 Hour Fitness in San Jose, people are coming in without their masks but many are still choosing to keep them on.

“I wear it all the time,” gym-goer Jeff Yoshihara said. “Pretty much, I’ll wear it because of work and here too. If I test positive then I have to call out. I see patients so it affects everyone.”

But at least now they have that choice.

Over at Punch King Fitness, you’ll also see more faces now that members and coaches can take their masks off regardless of if they’re vaccinated or not.

They have the choice to keep their masks on during workouts, but member Nacho Meza has been looking forward to Wednesday since the Santa Clara County Department of Public announced that date for lifting the mask mandate.

Punch King Fitness owner, Mauricio Mejia saw a decline in membership during the omicron surge.

Now that mask rules are changing, people are starting to feel more comfortable coming back to work out.

It’s not just gyms that anticipated the change but also barbershops, like Faded Barber Shop in San Jose.

Some customers and employees chose to keep their masks on, while others took theirs off. Owner Vicki Reynolds feels strongly about having the choice.

Santa Clara County’s health officer credited the removal of the mask mandate to a high vaccination rate and decline of COVID cases and hospitalizations.

Regardless of the reasoning, many are just relieved to be falling in line with the rest of the Bay Area.

The Santa Clara Department of Public Health says they will also be dropping masking requirements for K-12 schools once the state order lifts on March 12.