PALO ALTO, Calif. (KRON) – Santa Clara County and the state of California are butting heads over reopening.

It all began over the weekend with restaurants being told they couldn’t offer outdoor dining and now it has put a stop on any further reopening plans.  

It was Friday when Alcohol Beverage Control officers visited Morgan Hill’s Ladera Grill telling them outdoor dining was not approved by the state because the county of Santa Clara had not submitted a request for a variance.  

“We believe that outdoor dining is allowed,” David Campos said.

At a news conference Monday, the county’s public information officer said as far as the county is concerned, no request is necessary.

“The way that people have interpreted state orders is that something is prohibited when it’s expressly prohibited but when the state is silent it is left to the jurisdiction to decide how to proceed,” Campos said.

Ladera Grill, like many others in the county, is continuing to serve food outdoors, and the county is awaiting clarification from the state.  

In the meantime, a county request to further expand reopening to include hair and nail services, gyms, and small gatherings has been rejected by the state, because hospitalization jumped more than 5% in a single week.

“At some point we had numbers in the 30’s and the fact that they may have gone somewhere in the 80’s percentage wise, that would certainly go beyond the 5% increase. In terms of numbers, it’s still, as Dr. Cody said we went from very low to low,” Campos said.

County officials say Santa Clara County still has one of the lowest infection rates per 100,000 residents in the Bay Area and the state which is why they are hoping eventually to get the ok to expand reopening.

“We are cautiously optimistic that we can resolve that issue but ultimately the ball is in the states court,” Campos said.

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