SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — Santa Clara County’s mandatory quarantine for travelers is now in effect.

Anyone coming to Santa Clara County from over 150 miles away is asked to stay inside their homes for 14 days. The travel directive started midnight the Monday after Thanksgiving, and will continue indefinitely.

In light of significant increases in COVID-19 cases and associated hospitalizations across the United States, the State of California, and within Santa Clara County, this Mandatory Directive on Travel is in effect until it is rescinded or modified.

The county is also enacting the following restrictions:

  • Stores and other facilities – 10% indoor capacity
  • Grocery, pharmacy, drug stores – 25% capacity (access to food and medicine)
  • Outdoor gatherings – maximum 100 people. The State limits such gatherings to First Amendment protected activities, such as religious services or protests.
  • Professional, collegiate and youth sports prohibited unless the activity is outdoors and social distancing can be maintained at all times.
  • Hotels/lodging – Essential travel only, or to help with quarantine and isolation

County officials are concerned as coronavirus cases are increasing in huge numbers. There were 574 new cases reported on November 29, and 62 new hospitalizations.

The county’s latest coronavirus data shows a big spike in cases this month, close to 200 more cases than the previously recorded spike in July.

“If these trends continue, hospitals in the County will reach or exceed their capacity within the next few weeks.  At present, several hospitals in the county, particularly those serving the eastern and southern parts of the county have few if any ICU beds available,” the county said.

Santa Clara County COVID-19 data as of Nov. 29, 2020

Santa Clara County joins most of California in the purple tier, which is the most restrictive.

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