SANTA CLARA COUNTRY, Calif. (KRON) — In the South Bay, Santa Clara County officials and the city of Milpitas are sponsoring a gun buyback event this Sunday at the Milpitas Community Center.

The event will be on Sunday May 22 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Gun buyback events have been very successful in other locations including San Francisco and Oakland. They actually had one here in Santa Clara County a few years ago that went really well.

The county and the city have teamed up for this event, which will be held Sunday. They have $50,000 to use to buy back guns.

The way it works is if you have a weapon that you want to surrender, you can bring it here to the community center on Sunday. Surrender it anonymously, no questions asked, and the city and county will offer $100 for a handgun or rifle and $200 for a ghost gun or an assault weapon.

Officials say the goal is to prevent unneeded or unwanted weapons from harming people or committing acts of violence.

“Every gun we receive is one less gun available that can be used in a suicide, in a domestic violence, stolen in a burglary or accidentally used by an unsuspecting child,” Milpitas Police Chief Jared Hernandez said.” By taking guns out of your home and out of neighborhoods off the streets, we can reduce these tragedies.”

For every gun that they collect, they’re going to check the serial numbers on those weapons to see if it’s stolen. If it is stolen, they will give the proper owner of the gun a chance to reclaim it or surrender it.

All of the guns, otherwise, will be destroyed.