SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — The new Vietnamese American Service Center (VASC) in Santa Clara County announced that all of its health services are now available.

The new center is located on Senter Road in San Jose where community members will now be able to utilize the second floor’s array of services, which include ambulatory primary care, behavioral health services, dental care, a pharmacy, and medical laboratories.

In December, VASC held a soft opening and initially only offered behavioral health navigation, Valley Health Center patient navigation, enrollment assistance for health coverage, emergency rental assistance, COVID-19 support programs, a Senior Nutrition Lunch Program, health education, and community wellness programs.

“Over the years, as we’ve watched the VASC go from concept to reality, it has been immensely gratifying to see it become one of the County’s most beautiful and well-equipped buildings,” said County Executive Jeffrey V. Smith, M.D., J.D. “With each phase of its opening, our community has repeatedly shared their enthusiasm for this community center, and we see in real-time how the services impact the lives of a long-underserved population.”

The county is reporting that the demand for services at VASC continues to grow. The Center’s Senior Nutrition Lunch Program, which initially began with 180 meals per day, has now grown to 500. Seniors are able to show up early for wellness activities, stay for lunch, and can end their day with health education or a community wellness activity.

“We assist community members with multiple services, including requests that are non-health-related such as assisting with filling out an application or interpreting a Jury Duty notice. They have a place to go where they feel comfortable and welcome – even if they’re not completely sure of all the services that we offer at the VASC, they know we can assist them in their language,” said Mikelle Le, VASC manager. “When they share their gratitude with us, it’s heartwarming to know that we can provide the services that are important to them.”

The VASC will host a grand opening ceremony on April 10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 2140 Senter Road in San Jose.

For more information on the VASC — call (408) 828-4981 or email