(KRON) — Looking for somewhere you can conveniently get a good cup of joe? Go no further than Santa Cruz, one recent study says.

According to a project by Favy, Santa Cruz is the best coffee city in the United States. The study compared 267 American cities, including factors such as walkability and whether the city has nationally acclaimed coffee shops.

Santa Cruz was given the top spot, followed by Olympia, WA and Portland, ME. San Francisco was the only other California city to crack the top 10, coming in at No. 5.

“With the highest coffee roaster and independent coffee shop scores, this California coastal town best known for surf and skate culture is also a coffee lover’s pipe dream. Cat & Cloud and Verve Coffee Roasters both top awards lists for the country’s best coffee,” Favy wrote about Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz boasts three independent coffee shops per every 10,000 residents, so people who live there have plenty of options.

San Francisco scored well in the study because it surprisingly has the cheapest average cappuccino among the list’s top 10. It also scored points for its walkability.

“The City by the Bay was a port that saw all of the West Coast’s coffee beans arrive from Java and Hawaii, and grew brands like Folger’s and local legend Peet’s. With the country’s #2 independent coffee shop density, they continue to lead the way in thriving boutique roasteries,” Favy said.


Favy used the Bureau of Labor’s list of 396 metropolitan areas and took the major city in each area. It narrowed its list down to 267 cities that had data available for cappuccino cost.

Its study ranked cities on the following five factors: affordability, walkability, number of coffee shops, number of independent coffee shops and “coffee fanatic factor,” which includes roasterie density and appearance on national lists.