ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — The Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County released the latest coronavirus data on Friday.

As of Friday, July 31, the jail reported a total of 201 positive coronavirus cases.

Of that number, 141 formerly positive COVID-19 inmates have completely recovered and are still in custody, while 11 recovered and are no longer in custody.

In addition, 21 inmates who tested positive for the virus were released from custody. One inmate has been admitted to the hospital due to coronavirus complications.

To this date, zero inmates have died from COVID-19.

Currently, Santa Rita Jail has 28 positive inmate coronavirus cases. Of the 28, 23 are asymptomatic and five are symptomatic.

Among staff, a total of 51 staff have tested positive for coronavirus and 39 have recovered. There are currently 12 staff who have COVID-19.

Staff who tested positive for the virus cannot return to work until cleared by CDC guidelines.

In total, 2,391 tests were completed — with 2,142 negative, 201 positive and 48 pending.

The population at the jail on March 1 was 2,597. As of Friday, it is 188.