SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) – A school community is confronting a crisis nearly one week after a stabbing at a Santa Rosa high school. Jayden Pienta, 16, died after he was stabbed inside an art classroom at Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa. 

His family, along with other parents and students, say the campus needs more security. In response, the school district held a public forum Tuesday night. 

There was a large showing at this public forum, with parents and students telling KRON4 they really hope this meeting can lead to substantial change and create a safer environment for everyone.  

The event was set up to help the community heal following last week’s stabbing. After a fight broke out in a classroom, a freshman student is now facing several felonies, including manslaughter.  

“I love Montgomery High School, but I don’t want to go. I am anxious. There are changes that need to happen,” one student said.   

The audience applauded as students stood up to share their experiences and offer solutions. The forum was run by several mental health experts. Parents and other students say the evening was a move in the right direction.  

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“I thought it was good to hear the youth and how they think things can change,” one parent said.   

But another parent says actions need to happen sooner rather than later.   

“We have to do our job and raise kids, but they need to do more – we should not be here,” said Rafael Achavarra.