SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) – Disguise the Limit Costumes and Rentals has been a popular and well-loved one-stop shop for costumes for 43 years. But the owner says times have changed. 

Fancy the Victorian era? There is a section for that. What about an outfit from the 80s with cool shoulder pads? You name it, Disguise the Limit in Santa Rosa has it… and so much more.  

“It was a sinking ship to begin with. However, I had high hopes for it. I hoped that it would keep going, and every time that I would beg and borrow and keep it going in every way that I could possibly keep it going, we would get hit with something,” owner Jenny DeYoung said.  

DeYoung bought the place seven years ago, but it first welcomed customers 43 years ago. Yet now, it is all coming to a close for a variety of reasons.

“I tried to keep it up running, but first there were the fires, then the pandemic, online business. It has become too much,” DeYoung said. 

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DeYoung says despite her sadness about the end, she continues to enjoy listening to people shopping for a gem they simply must have. Customers on Tuesday shared how disappointed they were about the doors shutting.

DeYoung says she has an online store and hopes to keep that running, also as an artist and designer she wants to expand her own line.  There is no set date for the closure. DeYoung says for now, it is just one day at a time.