SANTA ROSA, Calif. (BCN) — The Santa Rosa Fire Department responded to a chemical spill Friday afternoon and successfully cleared the area of hazardous materials.

The spill occurred in the back of a delivery truck that was in the parking lot of Auto-Chlor, a company that specializes in personal hygiene and cleaning products, located at 27 Maxwell Court in Santa Rosa.

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The truck driver and an Auto-Chlor representative stated that they spotted a liquid chemical leak, a cloud of gas and heard a hissing sound when they opened the rear doors at around 2:51 p.m. for the delivery.

The fire department initiated a full hazmat response, evacuating several businesses in the surrounding area and deploying a drone to investigate the source of the leak with video footage. After approximately six hours, the spill was mitigated using neutralizing agents and absorbents.

The spill was contained within the back of the truck and the ground around the rear doors and none of the chemicals reached water ways or storm drains on Maxwell Court, officials said. The scene was cleared and the truck was turned over to Auto-Chlor. There were no injuries reported.

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