Santa Rosa mom, teen son with lung condition concerned over possible PG&E outages

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SANTA ROSA (KRON) — “Good lord, here we go again, it’s just chaos.” said Santa Rosa resident Danni Baird. 

Baird lives in Santa Rosa and is referring to the power safety outages that could again happen this week. 

The outages would directly impact her 13-year-old son Riley who has a rare lung condition and requires this vest machine, along with several other electric machines that require a plug in.

“I’m not ready yet either this time,” Baird said. “It’s only been a few weeks since the other one.  [Definitely] haven’t gotten the money to get a generator yet.”

During the last power outage an online post asking for help for Riley quickly gained attention and reaction.  

Hundreds of viewers responded and those at United Rentals in Santa Rosa lent Baird a generator when they lost electricity.  

She has since returned it.

“PG&E’s center should be open for as long as the power is off.  24/7 for people,” she said. 

That way Riley could go there to properly do his treatments.

Baird said she didn’t think the outage would happen last time because they had been warned so many previous times about a shutoff and no action was taken.  

“I kind of got that the boy who cried wolf feeling.  I didn’t think it would really happen because they had warned so many other times,” she said. “It’s frustrating having your power turned off for high winds, having your son not being able to do his treatments and seeing hot air balloons fly.”

She said she needs to buy a generator — but because of the cost of living and living paycheck to paycheck, it’s difficult. 

Baird said she is very thankful for everyone who reached out offering help during the first power outage.  

She’s hopeful that someone might be able to help with a generator during a possible second power outage as well. 

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