SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — A Sonoma County man was arrested for possession and selling cocaine and methamphetamine on Tuesday morning around 11 a.m., Santa Rosa Police announced in a Facebook post. Authorities exercised a search warrant at the suspect’s residence and found the following drugs inside his car:

  • 7 large individual bags containing 15 pounds of meth
  • 1 Tupperware container holding 2 pounds of meth
  • Approximately 2 ounces of packaged cocaine

The suspect was identified as 42-year-old Joel Parra Orozco who was booked into Sonoma Jail for three felony counts: possession of meth for sales, possession of cocaine for sales, and child endangerment, police said. His residence was an apartment on the 800 block of W 9th Street where evidence indicative of drug sales was found.

Orozco was selling large amounts of meth in Santa Rosa and its surround areas, according to police. Authorities determined after an investigation in March that Orozco was involved in narcotics trafficking.