SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) – A 13-year-old boy from the North Bay is facing one surgery after another after he was hit by a car while walking to school. The 8th grader has not opened his eyes in weeks.

Thursday, the boy’s parents talked with KRON4 as the community of Santa Rosa rallies around them.

Atticus Pearson, 13, was struck in a crosswalk on his way to Spring Lake Middle School three weeks ago. He’s since undergone several surgeries, but now his story is helping to create change in his community.

Atticus’ parents say on a typical day he’s a bright and joyful 13-year-old. But since Jan. 19, he has been hooked up to tubes and machines at Oakland Children’s Hospital.

“This is a nightmare all parents have. Our children are our world. This is a nightmare that unfortunately for us we’re living day-to-day,” Atticus’ father Michael Pearson said.

Atticus’ parents say he was struck while walking in the crosswalk along Hoen Avenue and Sierra Creek in Santa Rosa. He suffered injuries to his head and pelvis. The teen’s spleen was also permanently damaged.

The Pearsons say the area where their son was hit has become a problematic spot for unsafe driving, but their son’s tragedy appears to have inspired change. A spokesperson for the City of Santa Rosa tells KRON4 there’s a plan on the table to install flashing lights at the crosswalk. The project is expected to happen before next school year.

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In the meantime, the Pearsons plan to take Atticus’ recovery day-by-day. The daily visits to the hospital become a stressful waiting game. Atticus expected to undergo several more surgeries.  

“Really what we’re doing is just waiting for him to wake up. Waiting to hear his voice again. Waiting for that moment that we’ll see him and not just his body there trying so hard to heal,” his father said.

Online fundraising efforts are right now underway to help the Pearsons with the cost of care. A separate fundraiser is set to take place next week at Castaneda’s Market in Windsor, with proceeds also going to the Pearson family. For more information about the fundraiser, click HERE. To donate to Atticus’ GoFundMe, click HERE.