MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – The Marin County Sheriff’s office is warning people that they aren’t going to be served an arrest warrant over the phone after reports a scammer is making calls telling people just that.

“Don’t give the scammer the time of day,” the office stated via tweet.

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The scammer is “calling around asking for money in exchange for not being arrested on a warrant,” the tweet stated. “The latest name the scammer is using is Sgt. Roger West.”

The scammer “goes on to try and convince the resident recieving the phone call that they need to pay a fine to avoid going to jail, usually in the form of wiring money or gift cards,” the office continued. “**NEWS FLASH** We DO NOT call you to inform you of your warrants and we do not accept money in lie of being taken to jail.”

A similar scam is going on in Danville, as KRON4 reported earlier today. Someone posing as a police officer in the East Bay city is alleging that people have missed jury duty and need to pay a fine or be arrested.