NAPA CO., Calif. (KRON) — The Napa County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office met with Pope Valley Elementary School leaders and parents Wednesday night to address the recent arrest of 33-year-old, Benjamin Casas.

Casas was a former school employee arrested on Saturday for 19 felony counts related to having sexual contact with children. A handful of parents spoke out at Wednesday’s meeting demanding that the school’s past and present administration be held accountable.

Frustrated Pope Valley Elementary parents packed the school board meeting after many learned about the arrest of the former employee. The alleged crimes span over 12 years, according to the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

Parents said Casas had been a long-time employee at the school but was let go in 2019, however they said he returned to Pope Valley to assist in productions for school events. They believe Casas was shielded by his family as most of them also work at the school.

Casas’ sister-in-law, Claudia Ramirez sits on the school board and was present at the meeting while parents heard from school superintendent Lucy Edwards. Many didn’t get the answers they were looking for.

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Dozens of parents are now asking for an investigation into all former and current school employees who worked at Pope Valley Elementary during the time Casas was employed.

The superintendent said that counselors will be on campus at Pope Valley Elementary on Thursday. Meanwhile, many parents left with unanswered questions, saying they will keep their kids out of school until they see action.