DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) — A school district superintendent wants to warn parents and the community about an offensive Wi-Fi name that looks like it is coming from one of their elementary schools.

We want to warn you that the name does contain a derogatory term.

If you open your Wi-Fi settings on the Frederiksen Elementary School campus, you will see several Dublin Unified School District Wi-Fi options. They each start with “DUSD” or what they are for such as, “Guest”, “Student” and “Mobile”, but one name started popping up recently that Superintendent Chris Funk said does not belong to the district.

“It made it look like it was coming from our streaming service. But clearly, it’s not. I just find it very immature to do something like that and extremely offensive whoever has put the Wi-Fi up,” added Funk.

Superintendent Funk said his staff is trying to pinpoint where it is coming from. They believe it is coming from an area of the neighborhood where one resident has filed a claim against the district because they are alleging damage from a current construction project to modernize the school.

“So, I’m not 100% sure that it’s the same person but coincidences seem like it is,” said Funk.

This is the offensive name people see when they search for Wi-Fi.

Since filing the claim, that neighbor has installed cameras facing the school. “To point a camera to face classrooms, I just find that unethical,” added Funk.

Funk said that is allowed because it is on the individual’s private property. He said they had to install cameras facing that person’s home as well.

“The reason why we installed those cameras is because some of our employees have been hit by eggs that were thrown from this backyard. On two occasions, we have found hundreds of nails that were dropped in the road and graffiti done on one of the signs there,” said Funk.

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He said he has confronted the individual about the derogatory Wi-Fi name.

“I have asked the residents who have installed the camera that if it is there Wi-Fi, please take it down and there’s been no response,” said Funk.

Superintendent Funk said if they find out someone else is the source of the Wi-Fi name, they will ask that person to take it down or change the name.