MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – It’s a new beginning for one high school in Marin County.

Sir Francis Drake High School has been renamed Archie Williams High School.

The new name honors a local hero – Archie Williams – who left a legacy behind.

His long list of accomplishments began at the Olympics when he won gold in the 400-meter dash.

Williams returned to California and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He then went off to be a flight instructor with the Tuskegee airmen during World War II.

He continued his career as an Army weather officer and retired as lieutenant colonel.

His work didn’t stop there.

Williams returned to his home state of California and began teaching at the school which would go on to be named after him today.

Williams roamed the schools’ halls for over 20 years.

One former student says he never gave up on a kid.

This has been in the works for nine months.

The community pushed for the name change after the George Floyd protets.

Records show that Sir Francis Drake – the original name of this school – was involved in English slave trade.

Local school leaders say Archie Williams embodies the values students have found as members of a wonderful school community.

The school will begin raising funds to support signage changes, a new mascot, and anything else that follows changing the school’s name.