PLEASANTON (KRON) – The search continues for Philip Kreycik, a man who went missing while he was running in the Pleasanton Hills Saturday morning.

His car, with his wallet and phone inside, was found in the parking lot.

Kreycik came out for what was supposed to be a 6-8 mile-run, somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour.

Police found his planned route on an app on his phone – that phone was in his parked car in the parking lot.

So far, they’ve searched that route multiple times and haven’t found him or anything that might lead them to him.

Pleasanton police are leading this search that has been going on since about 2 p.m. Saturday, but they’re still hopeful of a positive outcome.

Kreycik lives in Berkeley and drove out to Pleasanton for a run.

His wife reached out to police after she couldn’t find her husband several hours after he should have come home.

Lieutenant Chris Neiderhaus says they’re doing everything to find him.

He says while they have searched his route, the terrain makes it difficult to easily spot anything or anyone.

“This area behind me is a very steep, rugged, canyon type of environment – and there’s a lot of little trails that go left and right.”

This is the trail where dogs lost track of Kreycik’s scent.

“We are concerned due to the heat. We don’t think he has a large water source.”

Neiderhaus says right now they don’t suspect foul play or that Kreycik wanted to disappear.

Their equipment can’t see through all the vegetation so people have to physically go into it and search.

“We were out running this morning and then we saw all the police patrol cars.”

Arun Sharma is one of the volunteers helping with the search.

He doesn’t know Kreycik but wanted to help anyway.

“We look out for each other.”

He says it’s a reminder to take every run seriously – because you never know what may happen.

“Always be prepared. Don’t take it easily. Anything can happen… a 15-minute run or an hour run.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pleasanton Police Department at 925-931-5100.