OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland police are still searching for the people involved in Monday night’s mass shooting, which killed one man and injured multiple others. Wednesday, a new Oakland city councilmember talked with KRON4 about his plan to decrease gun violence.

“Oakland is a resilient town with proud people and we’re sick and tired of the violence,” said Oakland City Councilmember Kevin Jenkins.

Jenkins took office, and a few weeks later a mass shooting happened in his district. Monday night’s shooting and subsequent crash at a Valero gas station wounded seven people and killed an 18-year-old man. Police say a music video was being recorded at the time.

“On that corridor of Seminary Avenue we have a karate studio where we have children practicing martial arts and they have to deal with knowing that someone was harmed in their community,” Jenkins said.

Although Councilmember Jenkins took office a few weeks ago, he is a lifetime Oakland resident who is all too familiar with the history of gun violence in the town

“Yeah, it’s the first time that it’s happened on my watch as city councilmember,” he said. “I grew up in Oakland as you said, and the Oakland Tribune every year around the first of the year used to have a list of everyone who was a victim of homicide in the city. I grew up looking at that after I turned 18 to see who I knew that died. That’s not a normal thing that no young adult should have to go through.” 

He talked about his plan for addressing senseless shootings now that he is in charge of making a difference.

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“We ran on addressing the root causes of crime, what makes people go out and commit crime. And we also have to look at enabling OPD to be able to do their job,” he said. 

However, he says he doubts that Chief LeRonne Armstrong, who is currently on leave, would have been able to prevent this shooting from happening if he was at the helm.

“I’ve seen things on social media about if the chief would have been in place this wouldn’t have happened, but I don’t think the chief being there would have stopped this,” he said.