SUNOL, Calif. (KRON) — Volunteers from the Find Philip Kreycik Facebook group gathered at the Sunol post office on Wednesday with high hopes that a ‘cry for help’ heard in a Sunol canyon would lead to the missing Berkeley father.

But before 8 a.m., the crew investigating the report by a family came up with nothing.

Over 200 people had been looking for the missing Berkeley father who vanished on Saturday at a running trail in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. But only experienced hikers in the group were called to Sunol to follow the now-defunct lead.

On search day five, volunteers are willing to try anything to find him alive.

State and local agencies have already used infrared aerial technology and widened the search area around the trail and still had no luck in finding any sign of the 37-year-old.

This led to Pleasanton police beginning to scale back search efforts in the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, concluding that he is either incapacitated or he is just not in the area at all.

Eighty-five percent of the area has been searched by foot, drones, K-9’s and airplane with thermal technology. Over 200 people have been looking out.

During the search, crews have recovered watches, sunglasses, even a rock with blood on it which officials are testing.

Police believe he is shirtless because a shirt was located in his car along with his wallet and phone, parked right by the Moller Ranch trail.

This is still being investigated as a missing person case.

Following the five-day search, authorities are further scaling down operations to locate Kreycik.

No new evidence has been recovered.